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Welcome to Clio Roadhouse!

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There have been a lot of changes at Clio Roadhouse in the last few months. New seating, new entertainment and events, living up to our "Family by Day, Fun by Night" philosophy. After the phenomenal success we had in's Best Burger in Genesee County, we have created a whole new menu, focusing on what we do best- Burgers and Wings! We now officially have the largest, most comprehensive Burger Menu  in the State of Michigan- 25 mouth-watering selections designed to take Burgers to a whole 'nother level... 


Our Burgers are all Certified Angus Beef, and for the more adventurous, try our Elk and Buffalo Burgers, not to mention a New RH Favorite-- The burger that is Half Burger/Half Bacon! Innovative fresh toppings, and the crazy selection of Top Shelf Wisconsin Cheeses and delicious assortment of Breads truly makes this a Gourmet Burger par excellence! 


And don't think we have forgotten about our RH Signature Boneless and Traditional Wings!! We have always prided ourselves on our 10 fabulous sauces, now we have DOUBLED our Sauce List! That's right, we have 20 delectable sauces, from sweet and sassy to putting-hair-on-your-chest hot. And those famous Roadhouse Wings are still moist and juicy with that light crunchy breading that everyone loves.


You HAVE to check out our one-of-a-kind  brand new BYOB- Build Your Own Burger Menu! Design your Burger from the bun up with fresh and delectable selections that you may never have thought would top one of our delicious burgers, and you can name it as well! Our BYOB Burgers are all delicious Certified Angus Beef, with the same crazy selection of Top Shelf Wisconsin Cheeses and delicious assortment of Breads. And LOOK at the TOPPINGS you can choose from! 


Have no fear, we have kept some of your RH favorites on the menu, because we just couldn't bear to part with them!